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"I didn't know I could get the Ultimate Colon Cleanse in Canada now, Glad I found you guys and thanks for the fast shipping."  Todd B-Toronto, Ont. Canada 

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Colon Cleanse Site Reviews

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Colon Cleanse Product Reviews

From Real People  
These reviews were taken directly from real users that have stated their opinions in emails, blogs or forum discussions. Keep in mind that everyone is different but some of these opinions will give you a good idea of what direction to go in. These colon cleanse product reviews are NOT listed in any particular order and I tried to include the complete feedback for each one.

There are allot of fake colon cleanse reviews out there, mainly from people who are trying to sell their own product by trashing all the other Colon Cleanser. To help you recognize those look for these types of signs:

  • Most are affiliates who make money recommending any products so they will call them #1. Let real customers tell you what is #1.
  • There usually on be 1 -5 pages all about the same product. Not even considering that people can be different an any one colon cleanse product can work for everyone.
  • Most colon cleanse review sites list of products with a one word rating, like "excellent", "good" or "poor". They have no reviews to back them up at all because in all probability they never tried any of the products listed and they simply give the best rating to those who pay them the highest commissions.
  • They will only list customer testimonies that are good. They think were that stupid that we believe there are no bad product reviews?

Colonix Reviews

OakForest wrote: Colonix doesn't have my vote.  I felt horrible when I was on it.

I'm looking for a different colon cleanser to try, because Colonix didn't work at all for me. Good luck if you decide to try it. I hope it doesn't do to you what it did to me.
Laura wrote: Re: Number 1 Colon Cleansing System?

Hmmm, that might be subjective. I imagine most of us have not tried a lot of the products on the market. I've been very happy with the COLONIX product although it hasn't been helpful to everyone, I'm sticking with it because I've felt better and more energetic and the fiber which I continue to use seems to keep my system running strong.

ellasongstress-New member wrote: Re: Number 1 Colon Cleansing System?

It's been interesting reading everyone's posts.  I've done Colonix which for a super mild program, has some good benefits.  To get the most bang for the buck, I've never found anything that comes close to the Arise & Shine Cleanse 28(formerly Cleanse Thyself Program).  I find that lots of folks buy Colonix thinking it's cheaper but I've calculated the cost for what's in the box and Arise & Shine is actually cheaper and more effective AND you actually remove stuff from the small intestines which I found the Colonix did not due due to the small amount of product being taken over the month(ie.  it takes repeated doses of herbs over a long period of time, especially on an alkaline diet, to really start getting large amounts of plaque out not only from the large but the small intestines as well.). I think Colonix is definitely good but be careful not to get hooked on the fiber because over time, psyllium based fiber products(according to many colon hydrotherapist I"ve talked to) will build up again in the intestines.  I guess as long as you keep cleansing though it should be a big problem.

Gotta be honest here:  I've been around cleansing for 15 years and it's interesting to me that everyone is so focused on Colonix.  I think it must be the "best" because they list the best on the internet under the "colon cleansing" search and those zillions of testimonials are a brilliant marketing strategy(nothing wrong with that!).  I'm intrigued to see that Arise & Shine and Blessed Herbs aren't even listed on this site.  I've been around this for over a decade and I've talked to folks with loads of experience and they still swear Arise & Shine is the best but true, it's not for the person who wants to take tea at night, one scoop of fiber and a few pills, eat pretty much what they want and call it good. It's the best because it's extensive and involved for 4 weeks.

  Happy Cleansing everyone!


Liz -New member:
I can't say enough good things about Ultimate Colon Cleanse. This is my first try at a colon cleanse product, and I wasn't disappointed. My co-worker did the Almighty Cleanse, and she said it was very gentle and I visibly saw how much flatter her stomach got. I started researching and found Ultimate Colon Cleanse had good reviews from magazine articles.

Now on my 20th day with Ultimate Colon Cleanse I have lost 8 lbs. Somehow it changed my eating patterns and I started craving more ruffage / salads. Drinking 64 oz. of water is not overwhelming anymore (which by the way you have to do on the program). Articles mention  not to use colon cleanses as a way to lose weight, but it worked. I have one bowel movement every morning. This morning I did cramp, just to let you know. I think it's because I steeped the tea for 10 minutes. They said you should steep it for 2 minutes but some do it longer, even up to 8. I've been steeping the tea for 8 minutes with fine results, but I always push the envelope to see how much my body can take. I am going back to 8 minutes tonight. Another thing I want to mention is because of the physical and mental strain of my job I usually drink energy drinks. I don't prefer those because I get a little crazy with it, but I haven't had to drink an energy drink since I started the program. Last week I worked 7 days last week, but I was still alert. I did not have to resort to an energy drink. One day of rest and I'm ready for another week.

One other funny thing which I read about before...people have vivid dreams with colon cleanses. I don't know the psychological link to vivid dreams, but for me that has been very true - every night I dream and it's been so intense. Anyways, I've been wanting to share the results because it has worked as much as I hoped it would.
MustangSally - New member wrote: Re: I've been on this for 20 days
Nice review Liz. I used the Ultimate Colon Cleanse product a few months ago and had a good experience as well. I did lose some weight, but it was only about 4 pounds. Overall I felt great after the cleanse was complete and I will be using the product again in a few months.
eigna00 - New member wrote:
I apologize for posting on the wrong thread a few days ago.  I have been to the Ultimate Colon Cleanse Website and noticed they are EXACTLY the same ingredients as Dr. Natura's Colonix. They are even listed in THE SAME order.  Are they legit? Has anyone used them? They're even a little cheaper and include an extra bottle of Probiotics.  I'm planning on buying a Colon cleansing treatment and was almost convinced about Colonix, but then, doing some research I came upon "Ultimate Colon Cleanse" I would be VERY grateful for any advise or your opinion on them.  Thanks a lot!

Dr. Floras Reviews

FLASH - New member wrote: I've used Dr. Floras twice now and it worked as I expected it too. I think a big part of your success with this (or other programs) is to follow the instructions exactly as they're recommended. Many people want to have a successful internal cleanse, but they don't want to up their water intake, give up alcohol and caffeine for a bit, and eat a little healthier diet.

As with a lot of things, you'll get what you give. Make it a point to follow the guidelines laid out and I can't see how you would be disappointed.

Hope this helps Naomi. 
mike - Member wrote:  Re: Dr. Floras review?

I've used Dr. Floras on several occasions now and I've had a good experience with the product. It definitely helps with my constipation and I also notice a definite increase in energy. Overall, I feel "cleaner" -- although this is hard to explain unless you've actually done a cleanse before to know what I'm referring to. Now I switched to Ultimate Colon Cleanse because it gives a total body cleanse at the same time.

Hope this helps.
mike - Member wrote:  Re: Dr. Floras review?
After using the Dr. Floras program, I have noticed a minor amount of weight loss (don't expect to lose 30 pounds though!).

I would definitely recommend that you start to make some major changes to your diet while on the cleanse, and then make an effort to have them carry over into your post-cleanse routine. Also, I would start exercising for at least 30 minutes every day and drink plenty of water.

You should be able to easily drop 30 pounds if you begin to monitor your diet and exercise each day.

Bowtrol Reviews

tricia1017 -New member wrote: Re: Bowltrol

I have had problems as long as i can remember, i could only use the bathroom with the help of enema's and laxatives, i would go once every 4 days..and that was with assistance of the enemas and laxatives.  i was always bloated, tired, sick.  i am only 32 years old.  i tried the GNC triple cleanse but its a slow bottle one week, a different bottle the next...i didn't see any results.  i tried the bowtrol, i started about a week ago..i take 3 everynight when i get home from work. like clockwork, the next day about lunchtime i use the restroom.  no cramping, no nausea like i was getting from the laxatives.  yes, its loose, but nothing you can't control.  i feel so much better, my belly isn't bloated...i only ordered one bottle, but i will be getting more as i love the feeling of not being so backed up.....embarrassing subject,  but i was so tired of forcing myself to use the restroom.

OnTheMarkTexas - New member wrote: Re: Bowltrol

Glad to hear that you've had some pretty decent results with Bowtrol. I have been debating for about 6 months with the Bowtrol vs. Colonix issue but from all the online reseach I've done, it does indeed seem that Bowtrol is the better product overall.

I have IBS and Fatty Liver Disease, so it's important that I lose and maintain a healthy weight. I will be ordering Bowtrol in the next month or so. Are there any other pointers or tid bits you can offer someone who hasn't tired a colon detox yet?

As for the Telemarketers, that's a problem I always encounter when I use my credit card to purchase something online. Like you, I only use my card on occasion. If your phone company offers it, you should look into getting Call Intercept. It forces callers to identify themselves before it connects the call.

VIPER112054 - New member wrote: Re: Bowltrol
I too am curious about colon cleansing products.  After doing some online researching I have decided to go with Bowtrol.  Once I begin using the product I will be sure to post my results here.  For those of you having trouble with telemarketers, you might try my solution.  Granted you won't be able to use it if you intend to order a service or product.  But if you need to sign-up to access data or any other type of information, I use the names of my dogs Treavor Coady.  As for a cell phone number, I always give them a number I had when I got my first mobile. I am happy to say that I haven't had one telemarketing call since employing these tactics.  If you get calls on your home phone, try answering it with the name of a fake business ie. LuLu's Beauty Mecca.  It not only flusters whoever is calling but nine times out of ten they will take your name off their call lists.  Just a thought , it works for me.
Stuffnthings - member wrote: Re: Dual Action Cleanse
I tried it for 30 days, and it seemed like it started to finally kick in on the last week.  Since I felt like I needed additional cleansing, I decided to try the Ultimate Colon Cleanse which I think is exactly the same thing as Colonix.  I'm on day 6 now and it's working pretty well.  I think it's going to be more effective than the Dual Action Cleanse.  I don't know...the DAC just didn't seem to be quite strong enough, and because it's in pill form maybe you're not absorbing all the herbs as well?  It's not a bad product, but I think there are better ones out there.
Layla17 - member wrote: Re: Dual Action Cleanse
I've tried Dual Action Cleanse on three different occasions and it's always performed well for me.   I think collectively I've lost around 75 pounds from it.

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