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"I didn't know I could get the Ultimate Colon Cleanse in Canada now, Glad I found you guys and thanks for the fast shipping."  Todd B-Toronto, Ont. Canada 

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Diablo Detox Strips

Not Just A Hangover Relief... 

Diablo Detox is a great daily detoxifying or hangover cure because it will detoxify the liver after a night of alcohol indulgence. This is a recovery system that works! Using Diablo Detox before, during and after drinking alcohol can help reduce symptoms of a sickly next hangover. These Detox strips will not prevent intoxication but will help you prevent and recover faster from hangover symptoms.
Diablo detox strips help to replace the livers glutathione (Livers antioxidant) which is slowly depleted while were out on the town drink alcohol it then puts the essential minerals back into your system.
You should use the diablo detox strips daily to cleanse your body of toxins taken in from those bad eating habits. Most of do eat a high fat, low energy fast food meal. Taking Diablo Detox as part of your daily routine can also help improve your natural energy levels and improve your general overall health.
 Diablo Detox proprietary blend contains all natural botanicals such as Milk Thistle, Maca and Kudzu.
Each small fit into packet container holds 18 detoxifying strips, one box holds 12 containers.

Product Reviews:

"I'm sick of being sick after a night of gigging. Your detox strips really rock! I always wonder where people come up with these great ideas" - Punkdrummer - Napanee, Ont.
"We wanted to let you know that the strips you told us to get on Facebook really do work. We are usually sick for three days after drinking and now it's no problem at all. One thing I would say is that we drank allot of water while taking the strips before we went out and we both were amazed that we were not hungover the next day. Thanks for telling us about these"! April & Sandra - Picton Ont.
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