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Detox TestDetox Test

A simple detox test you can do at home that will show if you have a high toxin level from either foods you eat or the environment around you. You may require detox cleanse which can help you get rid of these types of toxins.
Answer the following quiestions:
Do you eat fast foods more the twice a week?
Do you smoke?
Do you eat at a restaurants more than twice a week?
Do you have less than one bowel movement per day or are frequently constipated?
Do you drink soda pop regularly?
Do you drink Alcohol?
Do you have body order hours after you shower?
Do you have strong smelling urine?
Do you live near a major highway or an airport?
Do you live in the city?
If you answered "YES" to most of these then you failed your detox test. As you may notice allot of these questions are directed towards your diet or items you consume. We put toxins in our bodies everyday and depend on our liver to filter them out, which does do a good job with our blood but many toxins come from the colon where it builds up in the walls and our bodies start to absorb the toxins from the build up into our blood stream slowly poisoning ourselves.
Our simple detox test just gives you an idea at your bodies toxins levels and lets you know that you body could use some help. Typically a natural colon cleanse for the digestive track or a liver clease can help you feel much better and you can drop a few pounds at the same time.
Colon Build UpLosing weight while doing a detox cleanse is one of the unexpected benafits to cleansing, after all you are getting rid of the build up on the colon walls with can weigh up to a couple pounds just on it's own.
There are may benafits to doing a colon cleanse or a detox cleanse  that you can do and make your body feel better and younger.
If you need a drug detox tester you should see our drug detox page.


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