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"I didn't know I could get the Ultimate Colon Cleanse in Canada now, Glad I found you guys and thanks for the fast shipping."  Todd B-Toronto, Ont. Canada 

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Dr Natura Colon Cleanse Kit

A Popular Colon Cleansing and Body Detox Has Been Replaced!!
There's a very new colon cleanse treatment on the market that has replaced Colonix by Dr. Natura, Called The Ultimate Colon Cleanse.
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You can still read about Dr Natura Colon Cleanse kit here on this page. They used to be one of the leading colon cleanse solutions on the market. Seeking a private at home colon cleanse remedy to prevent illness and colon cancer is necessary to sustain a healthy living and a colon cleanse can help.
Old Dr. Natura Kit
Dr Natura
The Dr Natural colon cleanse detox kit contains all natural supplements and ingredients to help you get a complete and safe colon cleanse. These supplements are safe for your health and considered one of the best natural home remedies for a total body detox and cleanse. After just days you will start to experience a serious change in your entire body after following this program because as it flushes out fecal wastes and neutralize toxins you will notice your stomach flatten and energy levels increase.
DrNatura’s colon cleansing program utilizes all natural fiber and proprietary herbs to sweep the colon and intestines clear of impacted waste and toxins. Powerful psyllium fiber expands within the colon to collect and remove impacted matter while DrNatura’s blend of herbs helps soothe and stimulate the digestive system. DrNatura offers a full range of colon cleanse and detox products.
New Ultimate Colon Cleanse
Try Ultimate Colon Cleanse

When To Use Dr Natura or Ultimate Colon Cleanse

How do you know when it's time to free your body of accumulated toxins and other waste materials with an all natural colon cleanse? If you experience one or more of the following, then it's time to detoxify:
  • Frequent tiredness and low energy
  • Flatulence, gas & bloating
  • Impaired digestion
  • Irritability, mood swings
  • Bad breath & foul-smelling stools
  • Occasional constipation
  • Protruding belly ("pooch")
  • Powerful food cravings
  • Skin problems
  • Metallic taste in mouth

Tips When Using a Colon Cleanse kit

During the colon cleanse detox program, you should also avoid eating unhealthy and fattening foods. Instead, you should add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. A fiber rich meal plan will help cleanse your entire system while neutralizing the toxins at the same time. Getting some exercises will also help enhance the overall strength of your body as well as giving you more energy during the day. Just short walks or even parking your car away from the store so you can walk to it will help.
You'll find out the truth about colon cleansing and detoxification, as I will be explaining in detail:
  • Why it is crucial to cleanse and detoxify your body regularly
  • How to properly cleanse your colon and detoxify your organs
  • What benefits you will experience and how your life will change for the better
Dr. Natura Colon Cleanse Has been replaced by the "More Effective", Ultimate Colon Cleanse with Probiotics.

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