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        What is an Acai Berry Cleanse?

First understanding that in today’s world, we have to face a lot of pollution in our daily life. These pollutants or toxins, as we call it now, are responsible for numerous diseases. The free radicals present in any toxin are the main culprit for increasing the pace of our natural aging process, decreases the functioning of liver, lungs, kidneys, heart – almost all our organs are affected. Therefore, antioxidants are becoming a topic of general curiosity for a health conscious person. Rather than depending upon any management that concentrates on artificial resources like our modern medicine, a thorough research for a natural or healthier management procedure is in progress. Due to this quest only, human have discovered a fruit that was earlier little known to the outside world – the Acai berry which is found only in the Brazilian Rainforest.

One of the most imperative antioxidants present in Acai berry is Anthocyanin. It can drive out the free radicals that are also responsible for grave diseases like diabetes, heart problems and cancer.
Antioxidants found in Acai berry can lower the chance of heart attacks by preventing atherosclerosis (a disease affecting arterial blood vessels). The Omega-3 fatty acids present in Acai berry fruit can reduce the cholesterol deposition inside the blood vessels, thus chance of clot formation is lowered.
Acai berry detox can boost up your immune system. Polyphenols (a group of chemical substances found in plants) that are also present in Acai berries are responsible for enhancing the blood components that fights against invading organisms. A high concentration of lipid and protein provides stamina and the much-needed energy for an extensive physical work. The use of Acai berry detox in patients suffering from prostate enlargement is in practice and it has offered a considerable amount of success. An acai berry cleanse has beneficial outcome in refractory cases of neurological disorders like amnesia, depression, panic attack and anxiety disorder. Recent studies have also shown that the fruit has some antimicrobial (a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses) properties that can kill bacteria itself.
Another significant feature of an Acai berry cleanse if to slow down the aging process. A number of scientific research have proved that Acai berry contains 300% more antioxidants that are present in common fruits like blueberries, grapes and apples. As we know that the free radicals present in our body is the key factor for destroying the living tissues, free radical scavengers present in the Acai berry can considerably slow down the process by which we grow older.
Most of the vitamins and essential minerals are present in Acai berry. It is a rich source of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, Vitamin C and E. It also contains a large amount of Iron, Phosphorus and Calcium. No fruit in this world contains so much of minerals and vitamins together.



Most of the modern medicine, being mostly synthetic in nature, has some kind of side effects to our body.
But Acai berry, being all natural, has no such side effects. Thus it can be rest assured that Acai berry is full of benefits without any harmful effects.
Combining with the right diet regimen, an Acai berry cleanse can be of much help in the reduction of weight.
From all perspectives, Acai berry has proven its worthiness against the menace of becoming old quickly, detoxifying our body through natural process and boosting up all our organs.
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